Adaptive Re-use of the Caledonia Old Mill

                                       Graphic facilitator's 'story board' (shown completed at the close of the Open House)

                                                                    Download enlarged version of 'story board': Story Board

Open House-October 2008

On Tuesday, October 21st 2008, the Caledonia Old Mill Corporation hosted an Open House at the McKinnon Park Secondary School library.  Over 150 people attended to have a say about the future use for the Caledonia Mill.

It was a chance for everyone to learn more about the history of the mill, and why it is so unique and important to the area.  People had the opportunity to indicate their vision for the mill by putting ‘dots’ next to a list of priorities and adaptive reuse choices of what they would like to see the mill become in the future.  Graphic facilitators, Lisa Sorsa and Disa Kau worked with people throughout the day to sketch out their ideas for the mill on paper.  Recent photographs of the mill were also commissioned especially for this event (done by local photographers), and sketches were done by grade 10 art students.  This was a chance for the community to hear from local youth! 

The Open House was specifically designed to be highly visual and interactive asking people for their opinions and ideas.  It’s a planning process designed for public input right from the beginning, designed to reconcile differing community stakeholders.  All the information gathered will be pulled together into a final report that will suggest an adaptive reuse for the mill, and map out a plan how to make the community’s vision a reality.

Interactive board display layout with people congregating for discussions

High school art students' sketches                                      Display board designed to gather community input

See the following newsletter that documented the Open House event:
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