Images of the Mill  

A Sample of Photographs by Local Photographers

The following is a sampling of photographs of the Mill taken by professional photographers in Caledonia.  Many were specifically commissioned for display as part of the Open House Event hosted by the Caledonia Old Mill Corporation in October 2008.

Caledonia Mill from different vantage points (photos: J. Ballin)

Progressive images of the Mill from a distance (photos: J. Ballin)

'Big' images, the Caledonia Mill (photos: C. Fleming)

View of interior stairs (photo: C. Fleming)                                               Attic lineshafting (photo: L. Adams)

Cooper made circular wood stave hoppers and hopper bottoms (photos: C. Fleming)                                     

Detail of bolting machine and bevel wheel and gearing to main drive shaft (photos: C. Fleming)

Detailing of milling equipment (photos: C. Fleming)

Structural joinery (photo: L. Adams)                             Mortice and tenoned connection (photo: C. Fleming)